Make an Eggshell Piņatas with Miss Ariel on Facebook LIVE

Event Type: School age
Date: 8/13/2020
Start Time: 10:30 AM
End Time: 11:30 AM
Materials needed to follow along:
-tissue paper, any color(s)
-several eggshells*
-egg carton (for drying)
*Eggshells need to be almost fully intact for this craft.
When cracking the egg, hold upright and lightly tap on pointy end
with the back of a spoon. Use fingers to make a small hole and
remove the inside of the egg by flipping it upside down and gently
shaking. Save as many eggshells as you can for this fun craft!
Eggshell piņatas, or "cascarones", are a traditional Mexican craft made for parties and holidays.
This program qualifies for the GLOBETROTTER patch.
Library: Chester Springs Library
Contact: Chester Springs Library
Contact Number: 610-827-9212